Starting off

If you are anything like me you will get your first dslr camera and have no idea what your doing with it.  You got a great manual that camera with the camera but lets be honest you’re not going to look at that thing until the camera stops working.

My first digital camera was a Sony F828 and it has a really nice lens on it.  I didn’t know much about it but I wanted a camera that took “nice” pictures and recorded video.  Most of the DSLRs at the time only did pictures and you needed a dedicated video camera.  Plus this F828 took night vision shots too what isn’t to love about that camera.

Fast forward a few years and the technology got way better.  Now every DSLR takes video and shots stills.  First they shot TV resolution of 640×480, next they shot 720p next 1080p and now 4k video.  Its amazing how fast the camera bodies have increased in resolution and frames per second.

Well now the history is out of the way.  You want to jump right in and take some pics.  I love my Canon Rebel T4i with the stock 18mm to 135mm lens, its light weight.  The T4i body and can use (EF) full frame lenses as well as the lenses just for (EF-S) crop cameras.  You really don’t know how light that camera setup is until you try lugging around a Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens.

Canon has released a few more bodies since I bought my T4i (18 MP) they are up to T7i (24MP) now with a new processor and a larger pixel count.

As you start to get more familiar with your DSLR you will find out what limitations of each body and lens combination.

Before you worry about buying new gear learn to use your current camera and lenses to maximize their use.

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